Work Injury FAQ

On the job, it is possible to suffer from a work injury if poor practices are conducted. If you recently suffered from an injury and you need treatment for pain or discomfort, contacting Deitch Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Princeton Junction is an option to consider. Here are some answers to FAQs about work injuries to read over including how chiropractic care from our Princeton Junction practitioner can help.

work injury

How Can I Get Hurt on the Job?

There are many ways someone could get hurt while they are at work. If someone uses improper ergonomic practices while on the job, they may suffer from a sore back, neck, or shoulders. Lifting heavy items could lead to pain in the back. Performing tasks with the use of repetitive motions could cause carpal tunnel syndrome to arise. Sitting or standing in one location for long durations of time could also lead to a variety of painful ailments.

How Can I Avoid Workplace Injuries?

While it is impossible to avoid all injuries, there are a few methods you can put into your everyday tasks to help keep the chance of sustaining an injury at a minimum. Make sure your business has a company policy in place regarding the safety of its employees and familiarize yourself with the content so you know how to protect yourself on the job. If your business does not have a policy in place, talk to your boss about having one created.

Take breaks from your daily tasks so you have a chance to regroup and rest in between your job requirements. This will also help to keep your body from becoming sore due to overexertion or non-movement for long periods of time. If you need to lift a heavy item, ask a coworker to assist or use a back brace to stabilize your back during the process. Use proper ergonomic furniture and procedures to keep injuries from occurring as well.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

When you suffer from an injury due to workplace functions, a trip to see our chiropractor could be beneficial in obtaining relief from the symptoms you are experiencing. Our practitioner will ask you questions about the tasks you perform to help you determine why you are dealing with pain and will offer suggestions to help minimize it quickly. Spinal adjustments will be performed to reduce pain in the affected areas. This works well with temperature therapy practices and massage, which are also provided at our facility.

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